Top 5 tips for running push ads

For this article we partnered with our friends and trusted traffic source Pushground to bring you some professional tips on running push ads. Push ads, for those that don’t know, are a relatively new performance marketing ad format offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly and highly-engaging way for advertisers to expand their reach. With years of experience as one of the leading push advertising networks, Pushground knows what it takes to create a profitable push ads campaign. So without further adu, their top 5 tips for running push ads.

Always be testing!

This goes for almost all marketing but for push ads no the less. The best way to test when running push ads is to use multiple ad creatives, we recommend at least 3-5. This allows you to run A/B test or split tests which should be at the core of every marketing campaign. Pushground makes it easier with their auto-optimization by creative which automatically sends more traffic to your best-performing creatives. This will also help your campaigns last longer because your ads won’t be burnt out as fast. Furthermore, you should always be testing different variations of ads, pre-landers, landing pages, and offers to find better and more profitable combinations.

Make sure your pages load fast

Make sure your landing pages load fast! It has been proven that 53% of mobile users leave a site if it takes longer and 3 seconds to load. This results in huge drops in performance for campaigns with slow landing pages. You can check to see how quickly your site loads quickly by using sites like gtmetrix or google’s page speed insights. Try to avoid shared hosting which can inhibit your actions to make your page quick as a click.

Focus on newer users | user freshness

After analyzing mountains of data, Pushground found that user freshness our user age (the time from when the users first subscribed to receive push notifications) was one of the key conversion factors in push ad campaigns. It stands to reason that someone is far more likely to click on the first push ad they see rather than after the 100th ad that the see. You will quickly see that the majority of your conversions are coming from the user freshness groups from within the first 7 days. This means that having the ability to target these groups would help you achieve more conversions with lower average CPAs. At pushground, they allow you to target 14 different users freshness groups and is the only ad network that allows you to target users within the first hour of signing up!

Use pre-landers

A pre-lander is a popup that appears before your landing page, usually with some interactive feature, to prep users for your landing page so they are more likely to convert. If you can, try and use pre-landers for all your campaigns. They can make a big difference in your overall performance and can sometimes be the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign.

Test with high bids and low budgets

The best way to test new push ad campaigns is to start with a above avg bid. If you start with a below avg bid, you will end up losing all the higher-quality traffic to the higher bidders and spend all your budget on the traffic that one else is bidding for, which generally is the case because the conversion rates and performance are worse. Starting with higher than avg bids and a low budget to limit your spending will help give you a more complete look at the traffic you are testing. A good way to know if your bid is competitive enough is if you have a winrate of at least 40%.

To learn more about Push ads and how to profit from them check out pushground’s complete guide to push ads in their blog.

By the way, Natifico has many offers that give an excellent result with push notifications. Check the details to your personal manager, and if you still haven’t registered in our affiliate program, do it now!

How to work with SMARTLINKS?

What are Smartlinks?

A Smartlink is a link by clicking on which, in a split second, for a user is selected the best creative and offer of the selected vertical, based on his main parameters:

  • Country
  • Language
  • Operating System
  • Type of a Device
  • Carrier
  • Other

In other words, at the time of the redirect, the system automatically determines key parameters of the user and, based on the data received, shows him the best offer, which is likely to be chosen by the user and he will make the target action. All it’s happening in real time, that is, for an ordinary user it will look like a normal click by the link.

Among Smatrlinks on the market, dating or leadgen Smartlinks are most popular. In Natifico we have added our unique experience of working with verticals such as: Utilities, Mobile Content, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Apps, Games, Software and others, that are not found in any other Affiliate Program.

EXAMPLE. User clicks on such a link from a mobile device, at this moment artificial intelligence, based on internal algorithms, selects the most relevant offer from the available offers and redirects the user to the AppStore or PlayMarket to download the application, taking into account the language used by the user. The user only has to click on the “Download” button, having performed the target action, which will bring profit to the affiliate.

The system itself determines where to direct the user: to the desktop version of the site, the application store or watch a video from his region, etc.

There are a lot of ways for executing a target action and algorithms for redirecting a user. At the same time, the system does all the work for you. The task of the affiliate is only to generate a traffic and then redirect it to the link.

What is the difference between a Smartlink and a Usual Offer?

Usual offers require preparation before launching a campaign: targeting an audience, setting an accurate target, using many separate links for each campaign and money for tests. 

Smatrlink is one universal link to which all traffic is directed, and then the system itself determines and selects an individual offer for each user.

How it works?

→ Affiliate selects a suitable Smartlink

→ Directs traffic to it

→ The system analyzes each user and offers the best offer for the targeted action

→ The partner makes a profit

In the “Offers” section at Natifico account, using the offer filter, you need to select a Smartlink.

Then copy the link to the offer, launch the campaign and evaluate the results.

All offers presented in Natifico are focused on CPI/CPL models, which provide fast monetization of traffic in a short time.

Advantages of Smartlinks

Smartlinks help the affiliate to achieve maximum conversion results thanks to the precise work of special scripts and algorithms in real time. You save time, money and not to test any hypotheses, while the Smartlink works for you.

Smartlink is attractive for beginner affiliates as there is no need for targeting and audience segmentation. And for professionals who can work with any GEO and traffic, the system will definitely find a suitable solution.


One Smartlink contains all the many years of affiliate experience and technical advantages that allow it to select personalized offers for any user in real time. 

You can send traffic using your prelanders, as well as send various residual traffic. After several months of advanced tests, the Natifico team can confidently assert that our affiliate network have one of the best Smartlink monetization solutions on the market.

While a Smartlink is running, you earn!


Contact us to learn more about all advantages of SmartLinks:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Nadine Natifico






Interview with the TOP 100 Affiliates of Natifico

It has been almost 2 years since Natifico started its journey in the world of Affiliate Marketing. We have faced some difficulties we had to overcome, and the main one is gaining trust of affiliates and acquiring them onboard our Affiliate Network. 

So we have made a small questionnaire and asked our top 100 affiliates about the criterias according to which they pick up an Affiliate Network to work with. 

Just think about it! What do you think matters the most? 

Below you can find this exciting little survey to read and hopefully guide for newbies in the Affiliate industry, who want to make some extra cash. 

P.S. We express our respect to every partner who took part in the questionnaire and for choosing Natifico as a trusted Affiliate Network. Together we are changing the world of affiliate marketing for the better!

  1. User Interface

That was an unexpected discovery. 46 affiliates have mentioned that if the interface is lagging or isnot user friendly and causing negative surfing experience they would prefer dealing with managers directly, requesting everything in excel tables and asking for tracking links through emails and messengers.

 Moreover they would go for some competing affiliate network, unless there are some really amazing offers. Otherwise they would sacrifice some % from the profit in exchange of smooth, time-saving working flow.

  1. Payment Terms

It is a very crucial factor, especially for beginners. Usually they don’t have that much of the money, otherwise they wouldn’t consider joining our field.

 Some of the affiliate networks tend to hold their payments up Net 60. That means that if you drive traffic from your website to the offer, or you purchase it from the ad network, let’s say, in June you will be paid at the end of September. 

Standard payment  terms are usually  Net 30. However for trusted partners, terms may vary. In Natifico, we pay net15 to the partners with traffic sources and quality records.

  1. Flexibility

58 affiliates have chosen this aspect. What does it mean exactly for our sphere? 

Well, basically when you are logging in to the affiliate network there is a certain amount of offers with certain payouts, KPI’s, instructions and payment terms. And if you reach trust in your relationship with the affiliate network all these terms are becoming discussable. 

Flexibility value is one of the core ones at Natifico, because we encourage transparency and flexibility with our partners.

  1. Affiliate manager

If you ask people who have been in the industry for a while, they will tell you that building relationships is what you must do in order to succeed. 

Throughout the years we have seen hundreds of examples where the main business asset was the relationship between account manager and the affiliate. We were not surprised when we counted 71 votes for this position. 

  1. Exclusive offers

Pretty obvious right? Having an exclusive deal with an advertiser, despite the vertical is what will make you most of the money! 

Driving traffic to the multiple rebrokered offers will lead you away from really big numbers. Choose your partners wisely, treat them with respect and learn from your (and not only) mistakes and you will go towards success with confident big steps.

Among other mentioned options were: Country of residence, Payouts, Covering verticals, Reputation, Tools and Creatives. 

Conclusion: before you start a work, pay attention to offers that the Affiliate Program can offer, especially exclusive, as well as the possibility of working with a personal manager. These are the key criteria that will scale your profit.




TRACKERS: How to integrate with Natifico

Tracker is a universal solution for traffic analysis and optimization: conversions, impressions, clicks and further scaling in a real time at one place. Detailed reports from all affiliate programs and traffic sources will no longer cause a panic that you need o login in to each platform and check accounts. 

By setting up an integration between affiliate programs and a tracker one can save a lot of time from routine work.

The main goal of any tracking platform is to provide a high-quality service that will facilitate the partner’s daily routine and help to achieve the best results in a short time.

Who are trackers helpful for?

First of all, for  those affiliate experts who work with many affiliate programs and traffic sources. But the variety of tracking platforms allows you to find convenient and functional solutions for the beginners too. Trackers with their similar basic opportunities help an affiliate to switch easily  between sources and connect to any additional functions, depending on the tasks and needs of the affiliate.


— analysis of all campaigns in one place: GEO, conversions, profitable cases, effective ad formats and only best rates;

quick optimization of campaigns based on a detailed statistic;

— scaling of profitable cases at one click;

— tools that cover almost any needs;

— one solution for an independent evaluation of traffic.

Differences between trackers

The market has about ten large and well-established tracking platforms with similar basic tools. The main differences between platforms:

  • usability;
  • additional functional;
  • unique features;
  • type of tracker: cloud or server;
  • interface and support language.

To reach better results pay attention to the advantages of trackers. Don’t  forget to test a trial version.

With this article, we open a series of guides on how to  set up Natifico with popular tracking platforms. The first in a line is the Binom tracker, one of the best tracking solutions in the modern market. Welcome!

How to integrate Binom with Natifico

The good news is that the setup process only takes a few clicks. Excellent news use the Binom-Natifico template to launch a campaign in seconds.

Step-by-step how to find us at the Binom:


Sign in to your Binom account and select the “Aff.Networks” tab


Click on the “Create” button and in the open window, click on “Load from catalog



You will see the catalog of all affiliate programs integrated with Binom

For a quick search, use the search option


Click on the “Natifico” and a window with  settings will be opened in front of you:


You can save the settings or add “Advanced Settings” by filling in the fields below: “Postback IP whitelist” and “Status-payout relation”


When you finish, click on the “Save” button.


Next time when you add an offer simply select “Natifico” in the “Aff. Network” field and all the required parameters will automatically be filled.


If you aren’t using Binom already, use “NATIFICO” promo code for a registration and receive a month of free license and a 40% discount for the second month.




Hot tips from RichPush

Pandemic amended lots of spheres and affiliate marketing was no exception. Some verticals suffered a setback, others vice versa skyrocketed significantly. Sweepstakes is one of the successful verticals nowadays together with gambling and dating niches. But what tips should you follow to make a profit even in these darkest hours? Read all the hot recommendations in a new article prepared by our partner – high-quality push notifications ad network RichPush

1. Run SOI/DOI sweepstakes offers to make profit easily

These types of offers are the easiest ways to get conversions and generate leads. Moreover, you can easily get information for your further campaigns (campaign’s statistics, user’s profile, behaviour for a certain GEO, etc.).

What is it?

  • SOI (Single Opt-In) offers: the user just leaves the email and personal information. 
  • DOI (Double Opt-In): the user should also confirm registration via the link in the email.

To run such offers successfully you should think about your target audience, its needs, and wishes. Only using this advice you will be able to choose the offer and prepare landing pages and creatives that will work correctly.

2. If you run CC-Submit offers try work on the logic of your landing page content

What is it?

СС-Submit (Credit Card Submit) offers: the user leaves his credit card’s private data and subscribe to the service with diiferenе kinds of lotteries.

All the information on your landing page should be prepared according to the certain marketing angles that are different for each GEO. For example, people from Tier 1 countries are more financially educated. It’s necessary to explain to them why they should type the private data of their credit cards and what they will get.

Here are some vivid examples of how the peculiarities of each country can be used to increase CTR:

  • Germany, Spain, the UK, and Denmark are mad about football – so you can use it while preparing landing pages and creatives. 
  • The US is crazy about American football, baseball, and basketball – you can choose offers connected with these sports.

Try to use pre-landing pages – they increase conversions and prepare the user for the offer itself. 

3. Rely on the affiliate manager’s tips, spy tools, and payouts when choosing the offer for your sweepstakes campaign

Use all the recommendations from your traffic and affiliate managers – they will definitely help you to choose the right offer according to your budget. 

Try doing research by yourself, spy tools can help you with this. Push traffic spy tools work especially well and can get you lots of useful data and ideas for landing pages. 

If you are a newbie focus on the offers with low payouts as using your primary budget you should test, learn, and optimize. SOI-offers are the most appropriate variants as there is a bunch of countries with nice volumes. 

CC-Submit offers work nice with skilled affiliates who can afford huge budgets and high-quality traffic.

4. Match GEO, traffic source, and offer to make this bundle work for you

Only by connecting all the elements of your campaign, you will be able to get nice results. For example, if you choose India as a GEO, first, you should choose the traffic source that works great for this offer and only then choose the traffic type that has the best CPC and volumes in India. 

Remember that choosing GEO depends on traffic quality. For example, for countries from Tier 1 and 2 like Denmark, Norway, or Switzerland you should have the best quality traffic as the income and standard of living are high there.

Speaking about Tier 3, SOI and DOI offers with low payouts are frequently used there. What about CC-Submit offers, they will either not work at all (as people from these countries don’t even have credit cards) or will have too ridiculous payouts.

5. Choose push & pops as a traffic source to run sweepstakes offers successfully

Actually, most traffic types are suitable for running sweepstakes but lots of affiliate marketing experts agree that push and pops work best. The difference between traffic sources is only CR. 

Push and pops show great results especially if you make whitelists in your campaign or use your own databases of sources.

📚 To know more about sweepstakes download RichPush e-book “Complete Guide to Sweepstakes in Affiliate Marketing”.

  • top experts’ tips;
  • offers & landing pages tips and tricks; 
  • creatives examples; 
  • insiders’ recommendations;
  • and others.

News Digest May


7 TOP verticals in spring

UTILITIES и VPN are the legendary VPN offers for the whole world.

MOBILE is must have for smartphones: cleaners, casino, binary options, speed tests, apps with movie collections and much more!

PIN SUBMIT offers for operator traffic. Depending on the vertical, the user is prompted to do simple steps to get the desired result.

EXTENSION – useful browser extensions with a large coverage of countries.

eGAMING – the gamble was, is and will be!

SWEEPSTAKES – participation in popular raffles of valuable prizes. For example, the latest iPhone 11.

A lot of private offers. Ask your personal manager to get them all.

How to set up a Postback

GUIDE for a future PRO in an affiliate marketing!

In the article:

– what is it and how to set it up;
– the difference between the global postback and the individual postback for each offer;
– pre-integrated tracking platforms.

Let’s rock the profit boat together!

​​Creatives from the bottom of the heart!

Launching an ad campaign for a new GEO? Do it like a Pro.

Make sure that your fresh creatives comply with the all 3 rules below and catch the profit to your balance.

the text message should be clear to hit the target users.

What does it mean? Before launching the campaign, make a small research and explore the market. What language does the target users speak? Creative design and an attractive text message are powerless for a user who doesn’t understand what is written on it.

people images. Do you use real people in your creatives? Concentrate on positive characters that the user can associate with themselves.

For maximum effect we recommend to check what are trending creatives using services such as: SpyPush or AdPlexity.

newsbreak. A powerful tool to attract extra attention to the ad message. It works for any country if you choose something local and trendy.

Conclusion — research the market before launching your ad campaign and get maximum profit from a new GEO!


Happy Africa Day

Take your piece of cake! Affiliate with any level of knowledge and skills in a market can succeed. Africa is a сountry with a huge potential and less obsessive market. A real golden chance for your crazy profit.


  • Cheap traffic
  • Active growth of new Internet users
  • Engagement in mobile apps
  • Easy entry threshold
  • Fast result

Are you with us? Then take our recommendation!

Best offers with amazing CR. For you and your friends from Natifico:

ID 1802 — DownloadReady, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1591 — Content, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1589 — WhatsappUPD, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1717 — Photos, PUSH, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2433 — GlamourSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile_ZA
ID 2434 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2435 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE
ID 2436 — Glamour2Smartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE

Rummy Casino

Bestseller eGaming offer by Natifico. 


▪️ OS – iOS / Android
▪️ GEO – IN
▪️ IDs in Natifico – 1817, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1830, 1831

Loved by our affiliates for moneymaking campaigns and attractive payouts!

Impressive results from one of our affiliates will inspire you: Profit $1009 on RUMMY CASINO, India + Android


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine



See you in July!

How to set up a Postback

Natifico offers global and individual postbacks. Below we will analyze how to set up each of them.

Postback is a convenient option to transfer conversion data to another analytics system (for example, tracker). Tokens which can be used are conversions, time and date, city, user’s OS, etc. This information is crucial for the further campaign optimization. After setting the postback, all data is transferred automatically. You don’t need to check statistics in the affiliate account, all further analytics will be automatically transferred to  your system.

Postback for an offer

Open the offer you’ve chosen and scroll down to “Your Postback” section. In the field that opens, click “+ Add postback”. In an additional field you need to add your Postback URL. 

ATTENTION: In the URL field, specify the PostBack Url and don’t forget to replace the tokens with {ref_id} for clickid, {sum} for the conversion payout.

To create the Postback URL correctly, use the information below from “Postback information” section, where all macros are listed. Get acquainted with each parameter and its description, select the necessary marks and add to your Url.

After the link is created, add it to the “URL” field and save with clicking on the “Save” button.


After the Postback is installed, contact your account manager to do a test conversion and make sure that you are all set up correctly.

Global Postback

It is a universal Postback and it can be used for all your campaigns at the same time.

In the upper right corner of Natifico account, click on the your email and select “Profile” in the drop-down menu.

Then scroll till the “Global postbacks”.

Then repeat the steps for setting up the Postback from the first paragraph and don’t forget to save the link. 


To add the several Postback URLs, click “+ Add postback” again.


Natifico is already integrated with the several popular tracking platforms where everything is ready for your comfortable launch.


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine 





7 advanced tips for beginners

If you have recently started in affiliate marketing, and you like it, our article will guide you on the way to a stable profit. Read and get started!

1. Offer + Traffic Source

In order to understand how affiliate marketing actually works and make a good cash on it, it is important not to waste time on details but launch tests. Practice helps you the fastest to increase your income.

There are many sources for buying traffic, but for you, as a beginner, we highly recommend focusing on proven and well-established advertising networks.

If you don’t know which ad network to choose, just write to your personal manager at Natifico. And don’t forget to check out our updated section with the trusted partners.

2. Ad campaign without any creatives?

For a quick start use the exclusive Natifico offers, where you don’t have to spend time making a prelander . The simpler and faster your launch, better way for your work and learning process. Pick up the offer that includes everything already.

Please pay attention! It is relevant only for offers with a prelander ([prelander] mark in an offer name), and POPs ad formats: PopUnder and PopUp.

You will find this offers in your Natifico account, ID 2188 – 2229. 42 offers with high rates in each direction! Proof.

3. Perspective GEOs

It is not a secret that the world is divided into four main GEO zones: Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3.

TIER1  countries with the highest purchasing power and, as a result, high competition. It is usually countries like US, GB, AU, NZ, CA.

TIER2 –  is an equally promising zone with steel average per capita income. Most of the European countries are in the tier.

TIER3 are developing countries with weakened purchasing power. Nevertheless this tier can take by its quantity of traffic rather than quality.

4. Optimization

After launch, optimize the campaign by disabling sources that don’t bring the result. Check out our guide, that help you to optimize any campaign and understand what is pay attention for.

5. Scale your campaign

Did you carry out your first campaign, optimize it and find a profitable case? Don’t waste time and scale the campaign, while the chain works for you.

6. Let’s share the results

First successful campaign will become your foundation for future growth. Let’s share your experience in professional communities for beginners and expand your affiliate knowledge with market experts.

7. Learn new sources

Explore all available affiliate platforms: forums, Telegram channels and personal blogs for your explosive profit. Pump your skills!

Start with the basics:


  • STM forum – one of the most popular community, bringing together affiliates from around the world. Monthly subscription $99.
  • affLIFT – no less popular forum. Monthly membership subscription costs $20.
  • AffiliateFIX – is a friendly community of like-minded people. Free access.
  • Affpaing is a forum with an overview of Ad Networks and Affiliate Programs.

Telegram channel:

Affiliate marketing – is a helpful chat for affiliates, advertisers, agencies, networks.


  • Servando Silva – personal blog of an affiliate who has gone all the way from a beginner to a professional.
  • IAmAttila – here you will find detailed information about the best traffic sources, work tools and real affiliate cases.


Need advice? Reach us for any questions:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine  




How to make $300 in 1 hour? Real case

*Our partner gave us  permission to share the results of his work with the VPN offer. An elementary case with quick profit!


Below is the statistics of the offer per day. 

2190 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, MX  + prelander

2188 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, US  + prelander


Partner’s statistics from Natifico affiliate account for April 13:

The main advantages of the offer:

+  multi GEO;

+  policy compliant prelanders for each country;

+  no need to make your own creatives;

+  effective rate for every geo;

+  quick campaign set ups;

amazing conversion rate!


Recently, the advertiser introduced an improved version of the App, and it worked out perfectly.

The traffic had been purchased in three ad networks: SelfAdvertiser, Ad-Maven and AdOperator. The main ad format used is PopUnder.


Statistics from one of the traffic sources:

As a result, all three ad networks showed powerful profitable results in one day. Throughout the day, easy optimization by zones has increased overall performance.

We highly recommend it!

  • It is important to mention that the offer has great potential since it is new in the market, has an open cap and huge budget. Make your decision quickly until the offer becomes burnt out.


  • The offer has fantastic CR for all submitted GEOs as long as traffic is real!. Feel free to pick an offer for suitable geo and launch your profitable campaign!


Offer submitted for 42 countries! Offers ID at Natifico: 2188 – 2229.


Reach us if you have any questions:

Telegram: @ellanatifico

Skype: live:ella_3345 



Also join our affiliate chat room, share experience and knowledge with colleagues!



Trusted partners with promos ;)

Natifico can collect not only great offers, but also we carefully select companies we build relationships with. We believe that our partners can reach new levels of efficiency using promotion offers we have prepared. 

The list will be updated. Stay with us!



Affiliate tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently. PeerClick offers an incredible life-time FREE PLAN which includes 100,000 events.

PeerClick advantages and features:

  • SAAS technology
  • Anti Bot Protection
  • Smart Routing and Smart Rotation
  • AntiFraud 360 system
  • Multicurrency
  • Affiliate Panel

Peerclick-Natifico Integration: 

Use Promocode “NATIFICO” and get $50 off any plan purchase!


BeMob instant redirects, enhanced traffic distribution system, helpful support team in live chat and loyal pricing remain the key BeMob features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Improved settings

BeMob-Natifico integration. When you creating a new campaign, in the “Affiliate Networks” section, use the “+ New from Template” tab – Natifico.


Please note that to work with the tracker, additional settings are not required, everything is ready for your successful launch.

PROMOCODE. For a quick start, BeMob gives $50 BONUS to all Natifico partners.


Binom our friend, considered one of the best trackers on the market today. 

Pop-traffic, Mobile, Native Ads, Facebook – Binom is suitable for almost everything and has unique features for different verticals.

So what makes Binom so popular?

  1. Interface and redirects speed. Binom is fast in both these aspects.
  2. Fix cost. $99/month for any amount of clicks.
  3. Unlimited domains. With free SSL.
  4. No-redirect tracking. LP Pixel, integrated landings, Click API.
  5. Solution for team work. Different groups of users.
  6. Powerful API. Basically you can change everything in tracker.
  7. Best technical support on the market with 1-minute median response time.

PROMOCODE. Don’t forget about coupon “NATIFICO” that will give you first month free and 40% discount on the second month.


Run multi-channel campaigns, track the ROI of each one and auto-pause if the performance drops? Believe it or not, but it’s not a dream anymore.

Eyes on Our friends and new ad tracking partner put all their features with discounted prices for you!

With RedTrack you get:

• Single dashboard to track, monitor & report on all media-buying activities;
• Impression, click, and conversion tracking & attribution;
• Simple tracking set-up to analyze organic, paid, email, social, push, pop, etc. traffic;
• Auto-pause campaigns based on performance (manage traffic without leaving a tracker);
• Integrated bot detection;
• Separate white-labeled reporting portal;
and many more!

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

What is more they just announced their biggest promo ever – purchase for 12 months and get the next 12 month for FREE.

Get advanced tracking tool at special price:

• Basic plan (1mln clicks + core tracking and free onboarding) – $49*12=$588 for two years or $24.5/mo
• Pro plan (3mln clicks + notifications and automation) – $9 9*12=$1188 for two years or $49.5/mo
• Team plan (+ toolkit for your own affiliate network) – $199*12=$2388 for two years or $99.5/mo.

How to get the deal?

SIGN UP for a free trial and let the RedTrack Team know which discounted plan you want to choose.




ActiveRevenue is a global self-serve DSP which allows advertisers access to high performing ad units, granular targeting, real-time bidding on CPM/CPC and multiple optimization capabilities including a sophisticated auto-optimization algorithm.

The available Ad-formats are:

Push Notification, Native, Display, PPR (Zero Click) & Pop-under.

TOP Performing Verticals:

  • Gambling
  • Dating and Adult
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes

PROMOCODE. Create an account with ActiveRevenue and receive a 20% bonus on your first deposit!


RichPush — high-quality push traffic ad network.

Push Notification Ads is a new advertising format that helps you to reach new audience and get more conversions.

Get more conversions with a new advertising format designed to catch the eye. Attract new users at scale. With more than 4 billion daily impressions RichPush is one of the biggest push notification ad networks in the world:

• PPC – (only pay when a user clicks your ad);
• High CR (compared to native & pop traffic);
• 100% ad visibility;
• 4+ billion daily impressions;
• Worldwide traffic;
• 450M users;
• Minimum CPC – $0.003.

Start getting massive amounts of high-quality traffic right now! Register at RichPush!

PROMOCODE. Using promo code “NATIFICO” you can get 10% bonus for the first deposit in RichPush ad network.