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TRACKERS: How to integrate with Natifico

Tracker is a universal solution for traffic analysis and optimization: conversions, impressions, clicks and further scaling in a real time at one place. Detailed reports from all affiliate programs and traffic sources will no longer cause a panic that you need o login in to each platform and check accounts. 

By setting up an integration between affiliate programs and a tracker one can save a lot of time from routine work.

The main goal of any tracking platform is to provide a high-quality service that will facilitate the partner’s daily routine and help to achieve the best results in a short time.

Who are trackers helpful for?

First of all, for  those affiliate experts who work with many affiliate programs and traffic sources. But the variety of tracking platforms allows you to find convenient and functional solutions for the beginners too. Trackers with their similar basic opportunities help an affiliate to switch easily  between sources and connect to any additional functions, depending on the tasks and needs of the affiliate.


— analysis of all campaigns in one place: GEO, conversions, profitable cases, effective ad formats and only best rates;

quick optimization of campaigns based on a detailed statistic;

— scaling of profitable cases at one click;

— tools that cover almost any needs;

— one solution for an independent evaluation of traffic.

Differences between trackers

The market has about ten large and well-established tracking platforms with similar basic tools. The main differences between platforms:

  • usability;
  • additional functional;
  • unique features;
  • type of tracker: cloud or server;
  • interface and support language.

To reach better results pay attention to the advantages of trackers. Don’t  forget to test a trial version.

With this article, we open a series of guides on how to  set up Natifico with popular tracking platforms. The first in a line is the Binom tracker, one of the best tracking solutions in the modern market. Welcome!

How to integrate Binom with Natifico

The good news is that the setup process only takes a few clicks. Excellent news use the Binom-Natifico template to launch a campaign in seconds.

Step-by-step how to find us at the Binom:


Sign in to your Binom account and select the “Aff.Networks” tab


Click on the “Create” button and in the open window, click on “Load from catalog



You will see the catalog of all affiliate programs integrated with Binom

For a quick search, use the search option


Click on the “Natifico” and a window with  settings will be opened in front of you:


You can save the settings or add “Advanced Settings” by filling in the fields below: “Postback IP whitelist” and “Status-payout relation”


When you finish, click on the “Save” button.


Next time when you add an offer simply select “Natifico” in the “Aff. Network” field and all the required parameters will automatically be filled.


If you aren’t using Binom already, use “NATIFICO” promo code for a registration and receive a month of free license and a 40% discount for the second month.




Hot tips from RichPush

Pandemic amended lots of spheres and affiliate marketing was no exception. Some verticals suffered a setback, others vice versa skyrocketed significantly. Sweepstakes is one of the successful verticals nowadays together with gambling and dating niches. But what tips should you follow to make a profit even in these darkest hours? Read all the hot recommendations in a new article prepared by our partner – high-quality push notifications ad network RichPush

1. Run SOI/DOI sweepstakes offers to make profit easily

These types of offers are the easiest ways to get conversions and generate leads. Moreover, you can easily get information for your further campaigns (campaign’s statistics, user’s profile, behaviour for a certain GEO, etc.).

What is it?

  • SOI (Single Opt-In) offers: the user just leaves the email and personal information. 
  • DOI (Double Opt-In): the user should also confirm registration via the link in the email.

To run such offers successfully you should think about your target audience, its needs, and wishes. Only using this advice you will be able to choose the offer and prepare landing pages and creatives that will work correctly.

2. If you run CC-Submit offers try work on the logic of your landing page content

What is it?

СС-Submit (Credit Card Submit) offers: the user leaves his credit card’s private data and subscribe to the service with diiferenе kinds of lotteries.

All the information on your landing page should be prepared according to the certain marketing angles that are different for each GEO. For example, people from Tier 1 countries are more financially educated. It’s necessary to explain to them why they should type the private data of their credit cards and what they will get.

Here are some vivid examples of how the peculiarities of each country can be used to increase CTR:

  • Germany, Spain, the UK, and Denmark are mad about football – so you can use it while preparing landing pages and creatives. 
  • The US is crazy about American football, baseball, and basketball – you can choose offers connected with these sports.

Try to use pre-landing pages – they increase conversions and prepare the user for the offer itself. 

3. Rely on the affiliate manager’s tips, spy tools, and payouts when choosing the offer for your sweepstakes campaign

Use all the recommendations from your traffic and affiliate managers – they will definitely help you to choose the right offer according to your budget. 

Try doing research by yourself, spy tools can help you with this. Push traffic spy tools work especially well and can get you lots of useful data and ideas for landing pages. 

If you are a newbie focus on the offers with low payouts as using your primary budget you should test, learn, and optimize. SOI-offers are the most appropriate variants as there is a bunch of countries with nice volumes. 

CC-Submit offers work nice with skilled affiliates who can afford huge budgets and high-quality traffic.

4. Match GEO, traffic source, and offer to make this bundle work for you

Only by connecting all the elements of your campaign, you will be able to get nice results. For example, if you choose India as a GEO, first, you should choose the traffic source that works great for this offer and only then choose the traffic type that has the best CPC and volumes in India. 

Remember that choosing GEO depends on traffic quality. For example, for countries from Tier 1 and 2 like Denmark, Norway, or Switzerland you should have the best quality traffic as the income and standard of living are high there.

Speaking about Tier 3, SOI and DOI offers with low payouts are frequently used there. What about CC-Submit offers, they will either not work at all (as people from these countries don’t even have credit cards) or will have too ridiculous payouts.

5. Choose push & pops as a traffic source to run sweepstakes offers successfully

Actually, most traffic types are suitable for running sweepstakes but lots of affiliate marketing experts agree that push and pops work best. The difference between traffic sources is only CR. 

Push and pops show great results especially if you make whitelists in your campaign or use your own databases of sources.

📚 To know more about sweepstakes download RichPush e-book “Complete Guide to Sweepstakes in Affiliate Marketing”.

  • top experts’ tips;
  • offers & landing pages tips and tricks; 
  • creatives examples; 
  • insiders’ recommendations;
  • and others.



News Digest May


7 TOP verticals in spring

UTILITIES и VPN are the legendary VPN offers for the whole world.

MOBILE is must have for smartphones: cleaners, casino, binary options, speed tests, apps with movie collections and much more!

PIN SUBMIT offers for operator traffic. Depending on the vertical, the user is prompted to do simple steps to get the desired result.

EXTENSION – useful browser extensions with a large coverage of countries.

eGAMING – the gamble was, is and will be!

SWEEPSTAKES – participation in popular raffles of valuable prizes. For example, the latest iPhone 11.

A lot of private offers. Ask your personal manager to get them all.

How to set up a Postback

GUIDE for a future PRO in an affiliate marketing!

In the article:

– what is it and how to set it up;
– the difference between the global postback and the individual postback for each offer;
– pre-integrated tracking platforms.

Let’s rock the profit boat together!

​​Creatives from the bottom of the heart!

Launching an ad campaign for a new GEO? Do it like a Pro.

Make sure that your fresh creatives comply with the all 3 rules below and catch the profit to your balance.

the text message should be clear to hit the target users.

What does it mean? Before launching the campaign, make a small research and explore the market. What language does the target users speak? Creative design and an attractive text message are powerless for a user who doesn’t understand what is written on it.

people images. Do you use real people in your creatives? Concentrate on positive characters that the user can associate with themselves.

For maximum effect we recommend to check what are trending creatives using services such as: SpyPush or AdPlexity.

newsbreak. A powerful tool to attract extra attention to the ad message. It works for any country if you choose something local and trendy.

Conclusion — research the market before launching your ad campaign and get maximum profit from a new GEO!


Happy Africa Day

Take your piece of cake! Affiliate with any level of knowledge and skills in a market can succeed. Africa is a сountry with a huge potential and less obsessive market. A real golden chance for your crazy profit.


  • Cheap traffic
  • Active growth of new Internet users
  • Engagement in mobile apps
  • Easy entry threshold
  • Fast result

Are you with us? Then take our recommendation!

Best offers with amazing CR. For you and your friends from Natifico:

ID 1802 — DownloadReady, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1591 — Content, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1589 — WhatsappUPD, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1717 — Photos, PUSH, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2433 — GlamourSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile_ZA
ID 2434 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2435 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE
ID 2436 — Glamour2Smartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE

Rummy Casino

Bestseller eGaming offer by Natifico. 


▪️ OS – iOS / Android
▪️ GEO – IN
▪️ IDs in Natifico – 1817, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1830, 1831

Loved by our affiliates for moneymaking campaigns and attractive payouts!

Impressive results from one of our affiliates will inspire you: Profit $1009 on RUMMY CASINO, India + Android


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine



See you in July!

How to set up a Postback

Natifico offers global and individual postbacks. Below we will analyze how to set up each of them.

Postback is a convenient option to transfer conversion data to another analytics system (for example, tracker). Tokens which can be used are conversions, time and date, city, user’s OS, etc. This information is crucial for the further campaign optimization. After setting the postback, all data is transferred automatically. You don’t need to check statistics in the affiliate account, all further analytics will be automatically transferred to  your system.

Postback for an offer

Open the offer you’ve chosen and scroll down to “Your Postback” section. In the field that opens, click “+ Add postback”. In an additional field you need to add your Postback URL. 

ATTENTION: In the URL field, specify the PostBack Url and don’t forget to replace the tokens with {ref_id} for clickid, {sum} for the conversion payout.

To create the Postback URL correctly, use the information below from “Postback information” section, where all macros are listed. Get acquainted with each parameter and its description, select the necessary marks and add to your Url.

After the link is created, add it to the “URL” field and save with clicking on the “Save” button.


After the Postback is installed, contact your account manager to do a test conversion and make sure that you are all set up correctly.

Global Postback

It is a universal Postback and it can be used for all your campaigns at the same time.

In the upper right corner of Natifico account, click on the your email and select “Profile” in the drop-down menu.

Then scroll till the “Global postbacks”.

Then repeat the steps for setting up the Postback from the first paragraph and don’t forget to save the link. 


To add the several Postback URLs, click “+ Add postback” again.


Natifico is already integrated with the several popular tracking platforms where everything is ready for your comfortable launch.


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine 





7 advanced tips for beginners

If you have recently started in affiliate marketing, and you like it, our article will guide you on the way to a stable profit. Read and get started!

1. Offer + Traffic Source

In order to understand how affiliate marketing actually works and make a good cash on it, it is important not to waste time on details but launch tests. Practice helps you the fastest to increase your income.

There are many sources for buying traffic, but for you, as a beginner, we highly recommend focusing on proven and well-established advertising networks.

If you don’t know which ad network to choose, just write to your personal manager at Natifico. And don’t forget to check out our updated section with the trusted partners.

2. Ad campaign without any creatives?

For a quick start use the exclusive Natifico offers, where you don’t have to spend time making a prelander . The simpler and faster your launch, better way for your work and learning process. Pick up the offer that includes everything already.

Please pay attention! It is relevant only for offers with a prelander ([prelander] mark in an offer name), and POPs ad formats: PopUnder and PopUp.

You will find this offers in your Natifico account, ID 2188 – 2229. 42 offers with high rates in each direction! Proof.

3. Perspective GEOs

It is not a secret that the world is divided into four main GEO zones: Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3.

TIER1  countries with the highest purchasing power and, as a result, high competition. It is usually countries like US, GB, AU, NZ, CA.

TIER2 –  is an equally promising zone with steel average per capita income. Most of the European countries are in the tier.

TIER3 are developing countries with weakened purchasing power. Nevertheless this tier can take by its quantity of traffic rather than quality.

4. Optimization

After launch, optimize the campaign by disabling sources that don’t bring the result. Check out our guide, that help you to optimize any campaign and understand what is pay attention for.

5. Scale your campaign

Did you carry out your first campaign, optimize it and find a profitable case? Don’t waste time and scale the campaign, while the chain works for you.

6. Let’s share the results

First successful campaign will become your foundation for future growth. Let’s share your experience in professional communities for beginners and expand your affiliate knowledge with market experts.

7. Learn new sources

Explore all available affiliate platforms: forums, Telegram channels and personal blogs for your explosive profit. Pump your skills!

Start with the basics:


  • STM forum – one of the most popular community, bringing together affiliates from around the world. Monthly subscription $99.
  • affLIFT – no less popular forum. Monthly membership subscription costs $20.
  • AffiliateFIX – is a friendly community of like-minded people. Free access.
  • Affpaing is a forum with an overview of Ad Networks and Affiliate Programs.

Telegram channel:

Affiliate marketing – is a helpful chat for affiliates, advertisers, agencies, networks.


  • Servando Silva – personal blog of an affiliate who has gone all the way from a beginner to a professional.
  • IAmAttila – here you will find detailed information about the best traffic sources, work tools and real affiliate cases.


Need advice? Reach us for any questions:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine  




How to make $300 in 1 hour? Real case

*Our partner gave us  permission to share the results of his work with the VPN offer. An elementary case with quick profit!


Below is the statistics of the offer per day. 

2190 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, MX  + prelander

2188 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, US  + prelander


Partner’s statistics from Natifico affiliate account for April 13:

The main advantages of the offer:

+  multi GEO;

+  policy compliant prelanders for each country;

+  no need to make your own creatives;

+  effective rate for every geo;

+  quick campaign set ups;

amazing conversion rate!


Recently, the advertiser introduced an improved version of the App, and it worked out perfectly.

The traffic had been purchased in three ad networks: SelfAdvertiser, Ad-Maven and AdOperator. The main ad format used is PopUnder.


Statistics from one of the traffic sources:

As a result, all three ad networks showed powerful profitable results in one day. Throughout the day, easy optimization by zones has increased overall performance.

We highly recommend it!

  • It is important to mention that the offer has great potential since it is new in the market, has an open cap and huge budget. Make your decision quickly until the offer becomes burnt out.


  • The offer has fantastic CR for all submitted GEOs as long as traffic is real!. Feel free to pick an offer for suitable geo and launch your profitable campaign!


Offer submitted for 42 countries! Offers ID at Natifico: 2188 – 2229.


Reach us if you have any questions:

Telegram: @ellanatifico

Skype: live:ella_3345 



Also join our affiliate chat room, share experience and knowledge with colleagues!



Trusted partners with promos ;)

Natifico can collect not only great offers, but also we carefully select companies we build relationships with. We believe that our partners can reach new levels of efficiency using promotion offers we have prepared. 

The list will be updated. Stay with us!



Affiliate tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently. PeerClick offers an incredible life-time FREE PLAN which includes 100,000 events.

PeerClick advantages and features:

  • SAAS technology
  • Anti Bot Protection
  • Smart Routing and Smart Rotation
  • AntiFraud 360 system
  • Multicurrency
  • Affiliate Panel

Peerclick-Natifico Integration: 

Use Promocode “NATIFICO” and get $50 off any plan purchase!


BeMob instant redirects, enhanced traffic distribution system, helpful support team in live chat and loyal pricing remain the key BeMob features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Improved settings

BeMob-Natifico integration. When you creating a new campaign, in the “Affiliate Networks” section, use the “+ New from Template” tab – Natifico.


Please note that to work with the tracker, additional settings are not required, everything is ready for your successful launch.

PROMOCODE. For a quick start, BeMob gives $50 BONUS to all Natifico partners.


Binom our friend, considered one of the best trackers on the market today. 

Pop-traffic, Mobile, Native Ads, Facebook – Binom is suitable for almost everything and has unique features for different verticals.

So what makes Binom so popular?

  1. Interface and redirects speed. Binom is fast in both these aspects.
  2. Fix cost. $99/month for any amount of clicks.
  3. Unlimited domains. With free SSL.
  4. No-redirect tracking. LP Pixel, integrated landings, Click API.
  5. Solution for team work. Different groups of users.
  6. Powerful API. Basically you can change everything in tracker.
  7. Best technical support on the market with 1-minute median response time.

PROMOCODE. Don’t forget about coupon “NATIFICO” that will give you first month free and 40% discount on the second month.




ActiveRevenue is a global self-serve DSP which allows advertisers access to high performing ad units, granular targeting, real-time bidding on CPM/CPC and multiple optimization capabilities including a sophisticated auto-optimization algorithm.

The available Ad-formats are:

Push Notification, Native, Display, PPR (Zero Click) & Pop-under.

TOP Performing Verticals:

  • Gambling
  • Dating and Adult
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes

PROMOCODE. Create an account with ActiveRevenue and receive a 20% bonus on your first deposit!


RichPush — high-quality push traffic ad network.

Push Notification Ads is a new advertising format that helps you to reach new audience and get more conversions.

Get more conversions with a new advertising format designed to catch the eye. Attract new users at scale. With more than 4 billion daily impressions RichPush is one of the biggest push notification ad networks in the world:

• PPC – (only pay when a user clicks your ad);
• High CR (compared to native & pop traffic);
• 100% ad visibility;
• 4+ billion daily impressions;
• Worldwide traffic;
• 450M users;
• Minimum CPC – $0.003.

Start getting massive amounts of high-quality traffic right now! Register at RichPush!

PROMOCODE. Using promo code “NATIFICO” you can get 10% bonus for the first deposit in RichPush ad network.



EGaming offer on a cheap GEO

Profit $1009 on RUMMY CASINO, India + Android

* The offer became profitable in two hours of work! New case from our partner. Get inspired and send your case to us! Please e-mail: We will publish the most interesting and you will get rewarded with the hottest private offers.


Traffic Source: Push traffic from Propellerads

Offers: Rummy Casino, Android (1820,1823)

Country: India

Cost: 1,543$ 

Income: 2,552$ 

Profit: 1,009$ 

ROI: 65%


I started to work with these offers in January. Long holidays are not for me, being idle is too boring. Therefore, I decided to test something new from the gambling category. In the process, I discovered an interesting option to target by state and cheap traffic slices!


My real stat from Natifico:

My costs at Propellerads:

Right away I started working with two offers, which have attractive description. And as it came out  results were also impressive, especially for those who already been promoting Rummy. 

Promo materials

I must say I had tested roughly 20 different creatives, until I found the best ones. From my own experience I can say that promo materials are essential for any campaign, so don’t be lazy and test it until the victory.

Examples of my ads that demonstrated good results:



I played a little with the rates, but the scatter was small. For this reason, I especially enjoyed working with India. CPC range is from 0.5 to 1 cent.


Offers had to be targeted by states, so I started working with the those networks where it was possible. At Natifico one can find the offer for different states in India, but for some reasons not all showed good results.


The offer went profitable after the first two hours! Prelanding was not used. Then I optimized the campaign several times a day (a large number of reaching clicks erode the results, but in 5-6 days I saw a steady profit and the average ROI  the was 46%). As a result, I finalized the rate to be 0.8 cents. For India it is TOP!

I also tracked the ROI for each zone separately, if the results for particular zone were less than 20%, I immediately turned it off.

At the end of January, traffic from India at the Propeller noticeably subsided and became completely uninteresting. Now I buy  mostly from Mgid, Datpush, Zeropark and Adoperator and use the standard landing pages for gambling:


Offers turned out to be easy to work, and India is a very gambling country! The bunch is simple and long-playing. The main limitation that you may encounter is offer limits and state’s targeting. Unfortunately, most push networks don’t provide such opportunities, but with the traffic sources above everything is in order. 

In general, if you want a quick cash effect, you will definitely like this direction. In addition to the offers with which I started in January, I have now added these:

  • 2156 RummyCasino10, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 1831 RummyCasino4, EGaming, iOS, IN
  • 1830 RummyCasino3, EGaming, iOS, IN
  • 1829 RummyCasino2, EGaming, iOS, IN
  • 1822 RummyCasino8, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 1821 RummyCasino7, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 1817 RummyCasino3, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 2169 RummyCasino-Maharashtra, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 2170 RummyCasino-Karnataka, EGaming, Android, IN
  • 2171 RummyCasino-Kerala, EGaming, Android, IN

The idea of operation is exactly the same, the results are stably pleasing. But they are all in pre-moderation (because they are cool), so ping the manager. 

Also respect goes to  Natifico’s great support! I recommend guys to everyone, they work honestly, they pay on time, the offers are bombs. What else is needed)

Actually I enjoy reading other people’s cases and finally I had to shares my own results. Hope it was helpful.


Starter pack for affiliates?


Hello there! Glad to see you. In this article, we will describe how to quickly start working with Natifico and launch profitable campaigns with skyrocket ROI.

Read the article until the end and you will find not only the answers to popular questions, but also a surprise that we have prepared for you 😉


So, once you are logged in and you are on the start page which also a main Dashboard.



1 – In the upper right corner is the key information  –  your Balance, where in real time you can track your Profit. And if you click on the e-mail, a drop-down menu will appear with your “Profile”, where the key information on the account is indicated: personal information, Referral link, API-key and another. In addition, in the same menu you will find Referral Statistics.

2 – The Dashboard with the main navigation: “Statistics”, “Offers” with all available Natifico offers, “Toolbox” with API for experienced affiliates, “Payments” and “News”. Below we will dwell on some of the sections.

3 – TOP offers of Natifico. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to take the offers from this section into your work. We are constantly updating this key information for you.

4 – Where else can you find us? Our official pages on social networks. Subscribe, invite friends, feel free to share your experience and success with colleagues!

5 – The Holy Information is the contacts of your personal manager. Any questions? Doubts? do not hesitate, immediately write to your manager. For him, you are not just an affiliate, you are best friend! And these are not empty words.


Click on the “Offers” section and you will see all the active Natifico offers. For convenience, in the “Category” section (1) you can filter the offers with a specific vertical. A filter is also available with countries (2) and offers ID / name (3).

Offers highlighted in green have open access, these you can immediately use for a work. Offers highlighted in yellow for which an additional approve is required.

Click on the yellow “Request access” button and fill in the information about the traffic source, that you can plan to use and briefly describe your affiliate marketing experience in the opened field, screenshots confirming your background are welcome!! Then click on “Apply” and your request will be processed promptly.

How to launch a campaign

Choose the offer you need and read its detailed description (1): GEO, allowed targeting devices, traffic sources, offer preview and KPI.

Below you will find a link to the offer (2) for your advertising campaigns. Do not forget to specify the SubID parameters for it in the field below, since for most offers this is a prerequisite, plus this will help you easily carry out all further optimization. 

(3) If you use a tracker, you will need Postback. It is presented in the system of two types: standard it can be separate for each offer and global, which will work for all offers.

If you don’t know which vertical to start with, which offers and GEOs go the best and what traffic sources to use better, just write to your personal manager. So you save your valuable time. 


Congratulations! You have completed the young fighter course and now you are ready to make a good cash at Natifico. For inspiration, check out the fresh case of one of our partners, who just a week made 500% ROI from zero.

And for the most patient, we have prepared offers that are right now in the TOP in terms of indicators and bring excellent income to their owners:

  • 1798 FlashPlayer, Windows_Edge, Extension, US
  • 1591 – Content, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
  • 1936 – Clean, Mobile/Android, US
  • 1715 – FlashPlayer, Software, Mac, US


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional affiliate marketer, with our offers you have no chance not  to make money. As a secret, we have a part of the offers that are currently in pre-moderation. Do you want to get them? Ping rather your manager. Time is money!



Skype: live:ella_3345 



Good luck!


Monetize Mac Traffic

ROI 500% For A Week On MacClean Offer

* This post is a case from our affiliate who generously shared his experience with us, how to make 500% ROI on a new offer just for a week.

Case is valid for the offers below:

1715 FlashPlayer, Software, Mac, US

1849 FlashPlayerUP2, Software, Mac, US

1778 FlashPlayer, Software, Mac/Safari, US


Hey there. Case isn’t surprising anyone, but it’s hard not to share such results. Especially affiliates for those who start with a small budget. Everything is real!


Traffic source: CPC traffic of a private push platform

Offer: MacClean, Multi Geo

Test period: 13.02.20 − 19.02.20

GEO: focus on Tier 4 countries − ID, IN, MA, EG, TH, PH

Сosts: $60

Income: $358.80

Profit: $303.84

ROI: 500%


After a productive dialog with a personal manager, I started to work with Natifico with decision to test MacClean offer. The offer is simple, everyone heard about it and it is popular among ordinary users. Below is a preview of the offer.

I used my own creatives for campaigns (I’m not ready to demonstrate it now, because I’m using it yet). If you also decide to work with your own materials (I highly recommend), then first approve them with a personal manager, this is a must.

As a result, the launch of the campaign fell on February 13th. As can be seen from the screenshot below, the conversions have already started from the first day.

Starting from the second day, standard optimization by zones was done. Overall formula with creatives/offer/traffic did perform well and starting from the 18th, the results began to grow confidently.

Conversions from the first day and the absence of empty days became indicative, although we always must keep in mind that this will not work with every offer. It was just a perfect match this time.


According to the terms, the offer can only be started on push traffic. I was sure of my source, so I tested the latest offer. The results were always fine, but on this offer it worked out really well.

Below is a screenshot with a results of push platform where traffic was purchased. Here you can see how much has been spent, namely $ 60, and the total profit is $303.84 !! It is just for a Week!



Now, in addition to Tier4 countries, I also connected Tier3 and will soon start on Tier2 countries. After talking with colleagues, I noticed that many undeservedly ignore cheaper geo for such offers and seek to make money on more expensive ones. But according to the results, countries Tier 4-3 win. So feel free to start up and test seemingly ambiguous theories.


P.S. Natifico give increased payouts and individual conditions for affiliates with good performance. Therefore, contact your manager for such matters.