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How to implement my postback?

Go to the “Settings” of your account.

Scroll down until you reach ”Postback Section”. You can use one global Postback URL, however you have an opportunity to add as many postbacks as you want.

In the URL field, specify the PostBack Url and don’t forget to replace the tokens with {ref_id} for clickid, {sum} for the conversion payout. A full list of tokens available for postback is available here:

You can use multiple postbacks for revshare offers and for long flow offers. In order to get that, you need to select goal (screenshot) for each postback and add goal token to the postback (screenshot).

Which offers should I choose?

If you have just started your path in affiliate marketing, then you already know in order to succeed you have to match right traffic with right offer. Depending on the types of traffic and format, we recommend you choose cc-submit sweepstakes and gambling if you have traffic from social networks and native networks, while PinSubmit and Software works for push and search traffic. In case you are not able to decide, you can always ask assistance from our managers.

How often will I get paid for my traffic?

New partners are get paid monthly on Net 30 terms, while trusted partners have individual payment terms.

Why I was not paid?

If you have not received your payment, first thing you should do is contact your manager. All payments are made from the 5th to the 10th day of the month. (In case of bi-weekly payments - within 5-10 days after the end of the payment period). In some cases, the account may be temporarily suspended by the compliance team, in case of violation of the rules of the offer, the account may be blocked and payments will be frozen. Please follow the rules of the affiliate program. Using prohibited creatives, driving low-quality traffic you put under the risk other affiliates as well as advertiser, so play fair.

What are your Payment Methods?

Our primary payment methods are Wire payment, Paypal, Paxum, ePayments.

Why do I need to sign an IO?

The IO is a document required by banks and jurisdictions. In this agreement, publisher fix their business relationships with the affiliate program. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we warn that in certain cases the publisher will be required to provide additional materials upon request (passport or id, proof of residence, documents confirming the legal entity).

Why your offers don’t convert?

Before presenting offers, we do multiple checks and tests to reach confidence of operability of our products. However, this is only half the success, the other half is relevant traffic and converting creatives. If you are having difficulty with the results, you can always contact support, we will look at your activity and will provide feedback.

How can I sign up?

You may sign up as a publisher/affiliate of affiliate program through:

You need to correctly write your name and surname, Organization Name (if you are a company representative), your Address, including the Country and postal code (Your company address for a corporate address), TaxID / Vat (For Companies), contact Skype and email, as well as specify a password to enter.

My account was blocked?

We have a right to block your account in exceptional cases - when there is a suspicion that your account may be hacked by third parties, or due to indisputable case with fraud.

What type of traffic do you accept?

We accept Social traffic, contextual traffic, search traffic, from legally installed applications or toolbars, from banner and popunder networks, from native and push notification networks, organic traffic from thematic sources as long as the content of these resources complies with international law and principles.

Do you have Smartlinks?

We provide smartlinks upon request. In order to get one, please contact your account manager we will provide you tailored smartlinks, for your needs.

Do you have a referral link? How can I get it?

You may find your individual referral link, at the bottom of your account’s “settings” page.

I have offers to promote, what should be my next steps?

Please fill the form in Advertisers’ section or reach us via all available methods: Linkedin, Facebook, Skype, Intercom Live Chat, email.

Why my tracking url is not opening?

In some cases, the link opens ONLY under the correct offer targeting. Make sure that you check the link from the appropriate geo, browser, device and in some times even carrier. Also, this is possible when offer is inactive, in this case check in the affiliate program and also check the mailbox and Skype. There is a chance of missed message from the manager with a warning that the offer will be disconnected.)

How to delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, please reach our support and mention the reason of termination.

Which tokens does your system pass?

Here is the list of available tokens to pass: In

case it is not sufficient, please contact customer support.

Are you able to pass conversion price in the postback url?

What else can you pass in the postback url?

Can I use multiple postbacks?

Do you have an API? How can I get the API key?

Yes, we do have an API, and you can get all required reports. In order to get an API key, please contact your manager.

Why there is a discrepancy in impressions?

Traffic loss occurs when part of the traffic does not match offer’s required targets. Also the amount of redirects in the link as well as as internet connection, increases the chance of discrepancy.

Do you accept e-mail traffic?

No, we don’t accept spam traffic in any form.

Can I drive traffic from malware?

No, this type of activity is prohibited and violates Affiliate Program’s rules.

Can I use your links for social media / messenger traffic?

In theory this is possible. As long as advertisers accepts such promotion methods you are able to publish.

How do you inform me when offer is stopped?

In majority of the cases, we send notifications about pause 24 hours before the actual stop. You will get notification by E-mail, as well as be reached by skype or other messenger.

How can I get more daily or total limits?

Conversion limits may be changed by approaching your account manager.

I am an advertiser, I would like to work with you. What are my next step?

If you would like to be an advertiser, feel free to send an email with introduction of you and description of your product.

Can I get assistance in integration with Voluum?

Can I get assistance in integration with Keitaro?

How long does it take to make get my account approved?

Account approval takes less than 24 hours. However if you would like to speed up the process, please reach our support.

What are business model?

Natifico - is an affiliate program which offers to its partners offers with the quickest and the most effective monetization models. We earn by low margin from advertiser’s payout so your conversion rate is 100% valid.

Do you provide creative materials?

We can provide additional creatives approved by advertisers. Moreover we can give our recommendations about which strategy to apply and what type of creatives to use. In order to get that, please contact your account manager.

Do you have prelanders for you offers?

Some of the offers already have integrated prelanders. You may specify ir with your manager. However, for better performance we recommend you experiment with your own developed prelanders.

Still Have Questions?

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For Publishers:

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