5 February, 2020

Easy steps for increasing CR. Let’s start!

Traffic source

Before you start campaign, make sure that the identificator of traffic source is included in the tracking link. Once campaigns are launched values will be added to the link and you can use that data for further analysis and blacklisting bad sources.

This is most important first step, without which, the further optimization process is impossible.

When to start optimization?

It is better to start optimization after few days. If you can set a limit of 3000 impressions source, it will be more than enough to analyze the performance for each source.


To achieve great effect, test several creatives and landing pages. After the test, you will be surprised by the results which may exceed your expectations. Don’t rely on luck, tests all your ideas.

Browser and OS

Pay attention to the version of Browser and OS, that brought you the conversions. In future, using more narrow targets, you will be able to spend less on traffic without losing in amount conversions.

Ad Format

Keep in mind that every traffic format demonstrates difference performance on certain vertical. So if something didn’t work on push traffic, maybe it would be wise idea to try pops or native or google traffic.

Feel free to reach any help to your personal manager!


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