29 April, 2020

7 advanced tips for beginners

If you have recently started in affiliate marketing, and you like it, our article will guide you on the way to a stable profit. Read and get started!

1. Offer + Traffic Source

In order to understand how affiliate marketing actually works and make a good cash on it, it is important not to waste time on details but launch tests. Practice helps you the fastest to increase your income.

There are many sources for buying traffic, but for you, as a beginner, we highly recommend focusing on proven and well-established advertising networks.

If you don’t know which ad network to choose, just write to your personal manager at Natifico. And don’t forget to check out our updated section with the trusted partners.

2. Ad campaign without any creatives?

For a quick start use the exclusive Natifico offers, where you don’t have to spend time making a prelander . The simpler and faster your launch, better way for your work and learning process. Pick up the offer that includes everything already.

Please pay attention! It is relevant only for offers with a prelander ([prelander] mark in an offer name), and POPs ad formats: PopUnder and PopUp.

You will find this offers in your Natifico account, ID 2188 – 2229. 42 offers with high rates in each direction! Proof.

3. Perspective GEOs

It is not a secret that the world is divided into four main GEO zones: Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3.

TIER1  countries with the highest purchasing power and, as a result, high competition. It is usually countries like US, GB, AU, NZ, CA.

TIER2 –  is an equally promising zone with steel average per capita income. Most of the European countries are in the tier.

TIER3 are developing countries with weakened purchasing power. Nevertheless this tier can take by its quantity of traffic rather than quality.

4. Optimization

After launch, optimize the campaign by disabling sources that don’t bring the result. Check out our guide, that help you to optimize any campaign and understand what is pay attention for.

5. Scale your campaign

Did you carry out your first campaign, optimize it and find a profitable case? Don’t waste time and scale the campaign, while the chain works for you.

6. Let’s share the results

First successful campaign will become your foundation for future growth. Let’s share your experience in professional communities for beginners and expand your affiliate knowledge with market experts.

7. Learn new sources

Explore all available affiliate platforms: forums, Telegram channels and personal blogs for your explosive profit. Pump your skills!

Start with the basics:


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