| Binom and Voluum are Best Trackers?

13 February, 2020

Binom and Voluum are Best Trackers?

Why people use trackers?

In fact, if you are a beginner, you don’t seem to need a tracker. If you are a pro, then you also do not need a tracker (due to redirects you may lose sometimes up to 15% of traffic, on large volumes can turn out to be the price of a good apartment). At the same time, there are dozens of options on the market – Voluum, Peerclick, Binom and so on.
If you are honest with yourself, and you understand that you are a rookie – just go for Voluum. Well-known and trusted partner, tested by time and thousands of affiliates from beginners’ to pro level. The tool has pretty much everything you need for a great start, especially a great customer support.

Of course, many affiliate programs provide an informative interface and a detailed reporting data. However, over time, it becomes clear that it is difficult to simultaneously to be signed up in 10 affiliate networks, and track 20-30 traffic sources in each of them. To have basis for scaling up, you need to run hundreds of ad campaigns weekly. Therefore, a well-tuned system is indispensable. So you need a tracker for comfortable processing, classification and analysis of all data in one place. In our blog, we will review all available tracking platforms.

We’ll take Binom and Voluum as two examples of great trackers.

So Binom Tracker

Binom is a great example of a fully-stack  tracking platform where you can do just about everyhing. This solution is great for professionals, especially for those who create their own sales funnels and design unique landing pages. A plus is that it hasa built-in cloaking tool. Binom can be installed on your own server or virtual machine. Among the cons it is the extremely high consumption of server resources. However, this is a problem that affiliates may face working with millions of impressions and clicks per day.

Briefly about Voluum

If you are honest with yourself and understand that you are at the very beginning of the journey, just use the Voluum service. Excellent support and trouble-free functionality justifies the relatively high cost of the subscription. Since voluum is a cloud-based saas, you don’t have to think about server load. Voluum also has a built-in VoluumDSP system – for purchasing ads in native formats,  which you can us for quick and convenient launches of test campaigns in dozens of native networks (mgid, engageya and many others).

Good trackers are peerclick and redtrack. Almost all services have reached an identical internal structure and the switch from one tracker to another is not a big problem for affiliates. Which tracker to work with or use your own solutions, or only the Google Analytics is up to you.

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