20 March, 2020

EGaming offer on a cheap GEO

Profit $1009 on RUMMY CASINO, India + Android

* The offer became profitable in two hours of work! New case from our partner. Get inspired and send your case to us! Please e-mail: ella@natifico.com We will publish the most interesting and you will get rewarded with the hottest private offers.


Traffic Source: Push traffic from Propellerads

Offers: Rummy Casino, Android (1820,1823)

Country: India

Cost: 1,543$ 

Income: 2,552$ 

Profit: 1,009$ 

ROI: 65%


I started to work with these offers in January. Long holidays are not for me, being idle is too boring. Therefore, I decided to test something new from the gambling category. In the process, I discovered an interesting option to target by state and cheap traffic slices!


My real stat from Natifico:

My costs at Propellerads:

Right away I started working with two offers, which have attractive description. And as it came out  results were also impressive, especially for those who already been promoting Rummy. 

Promo materials

I must say I had tested roughly 20 different creatives, until I found the best ones. From my own experience I can say that promo materials are essential for any campaign, so don’t be lazy and test it until the victory.

Examples of my ads that demonstrated good results:



I played a little with the rates, but the scatter was small. For this reason, I especially enjoyed working with India. CPC range is from 0.5 to 1 cent.


Offers had to be targeted by states, so I started working with the those networks where it was possible. At Natifico one can find the offer for different states in India, but for some reasons not all showed good results.


The offer went profitable after the first two hours! Prelanding was not used. Then I optimized the campaign several times a day (a large number of reaching clicks erode the results, but in 5-6 days I saw a steady profit and the average ROI  the was 46%). As a result, I finalized the rate to be 0.8 cents. For India it is TOP!

I also tracked the ROI for each zone separately, if the results for particular zone were less than 20%, I immediately turned it off.

At the end of January, traffic from India at the Propeller noticeably subsided and became completely uninteresting. Now I buy  mostly from Mgid, Datpush, Zeropark and Adoperator and use the standard landing pages for gambling:


Offers turned out to be easy to work, and India is a very gambling country! The bunch is simple and long-playing. The main limitation that you may encounter is offer limits and state’s targeting. Unfortunately, most push networks don’t provide such opportunities, but with the traffic sources above everything is in order. 

In general, if you want a quick cash effect, you will definitely like this direction. In addition to the offers with which I started in January, I have now added these:

The idea of operation is exactly the same, the results are stably pleasing. But they are all in pre-moderation (because they are cool), so ping the manager. 

Also respect goes to  Natifico’s great support! I recommend guys to everyone, they work honestly, they pay on time, the offers are bombs. What else is needed)

Actually I enjoy reading other people’s cases and finally I had to shares my own results. Hope it was helpful.


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