19 June, 2020

Hot tips from RichPush

Pandemic amended lots of spheres and affiliate marketing was no exception. Some verticals suffered a setback, others vice versa skyrocketed significantly. Sweepstakes is one of the successful verticals nowadays together with gambling and dating niches. But what tips should you follow to make a profit even in these darkest hours? Read all the hot recommendations in a new article prepared by our partner – high-quality push notifications ad network RichPush

1. Run SOI/DOI sweepstakes offers to make profit easily

These types of offers are the easiest ways to get conversions and generate leads. Moreover, you can easily get information for your further campaigns (campaign’s statistics, user’s profile, behaviour for a certain GEO, etc.).

What is it?

To run such offers successfully you should think about your target audience, its needs, and wishes. Only using this advice you will be able to choose the offer and prepare landing pages and creatives that will work correctly.

2. If you run CC-Submit offers try work on the logic of your landing page content

What is it?

СС-Submit (Credit Card Submit) offers: the user leaves his credit card’s private data and subscribe to the service with diiferenе kinds of lotteries.

All the information on your landing page should be prepared according to the certain marketing angles that are different for each GEO. For example, people from Tier 1 countries are more financially educated. It’s necessary to explain to them why they should type the private data of their credit cards and what they will get.

Here are some vivid examples of how the peculiarities of each country can be used to increase CTR:

Try to use pre-landing pages – they increase conversions and prepare the user for the offer itself. 

3. Rely on the affiliate manager’s tips, spy tools, and payouts when choosing the offer for your sweepstakes campaign

Use all the recommendations from your traffic and affiliate managers – they will definitely help you to choose the right offer according to your budget. 

Try doing research by yourself, spy tools can help you with this. Push traffic spy tools work especially well and can get you lots of useful data and ideas for landing pages. 

If you are a newbie focus on the offers with low payouts as using your primary budget you should test, learn, and optimize. SOI-offers are the most appropriate variants as there is a bunch of countries with nice volumes. 

CC-Submit offers work nice with skilled affiliates who can afford huge budgets and high-quality traffic.

4. Match GEO, traffic source, and offer to make this bundle work for you

Only by connecting all the elements of your campaign, you will be able to get nice results. For example, if you choose India as a GEO, first, you should choose the traffic source that works great for this offer and only then choose the traffic type that has the best CPC and volumes in India. 

Remember that choosing GEO depends on traffic quality. For example, for countries from Tier 1 and 2 like Denmark, Norway, or Switzerland you should have the best quality traffic as the income and standard of living are high there.

Speaking about Tier 3, SOI and DOI offers with low payouts are frequently used there. What about CC-Submit offers, they will either not work at all (as people from these countries don’t even have credit cards) or will have too ridiculous payouts.

5. Choose push & pops as a traffic source to run sweepstakes offers successfully

Actually, most traffic types are suitable for running sweepstakes but lots of affiliate marketing experts agree that push and pops work best. The difference between traffic sources is only CR. 

Push and pops show great results especially if you make whitelists in your campaign or use your own databases of sources.

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