16 April, 2020

How to make $300 in 1 hour? Real case

*Our partner gave us  permission to share the results of his work with the VPN offer. An elementary case with quick profit!


Below is the statistics of the offer per day. 

2190 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, MX  + prelander

2188 SafeGuardian, VPN, Utilities, iOS, US  + prelander


Partner’s statistics from Natifico affiliate account for April 13:

The main advantages of the offer:

+  multi GEO;

+  policy compliant prelanders for each country;

+  no need to make your own creatives;

+  effective rate for every geo;

+  quick campaign set ups;

amazing conversion rate!


Recently, the advertiser introduced an improved version of the App, and it worked out perfectly.

The traffic had been purchased in three ad networks: SelfAdvertiser, Ad-Maven and AdOperator. The main ad format used is PopUnder.


Statistics from one of the traffic sources:

As a result, all three ad networks showed powerful profitable results in one day. Throughout the day, easy optimization by zones has increased overall performance.

We highly recommend it!



Offer submitted for 42 countries! Offers ID at Natifico: 2188 – 2229.


Reach us if you have any questions:

Telegram: @ellanatifico

Skype: live:ella_3345 

E-mail: ella@natifico.com


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