29 January, 2020

How to make sweepstakes work?

What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are offers where you are invited to participate in the drawing of various prizes, usually it is the latest model of a cool smartphone or a voucher for large retailer store. The cost of the prize is from $ 500 to $ 1000. Participation in the competition requires certain steps to be done. Sometimes, it requires paid subscriptions to any services. Sweepstakes are a cool vertical to work with. However, you should remember that their life cycle does not exceed several weeks. Because traffic tends to burn out due to high competition.

Achieving maximum results when working with Sweepstakes by CPA: Start with SOI CPA offers (pay per action). Using smartlinks and offers from different affiliates, launch multiple many A / B tests. Once you find the success formula, scale with paying for CC Submit. Make your own creatives. Relying on data from Adplexity and other similar services, is a risky approach since these could have been used for a long time by hundreads of affiliates. By the way, some of our top affiliates earn $ 30-40k per month on sweepstakes.

What traffic works on sweepstake? Almost any quality traffic will be converted on sweepstakes. But the result greatly depends on the strategy you are implementing. There are many ways to drive traffic from Facebook and Instagram without breaking the rules. This opens up unlimited earning opportunities.

How to choose sweepstakes?

Contact your personal manager for current offers. In our affiliate program, several dozens of working sweepstakes are always available.

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