24 December, 2019

How to quickly detect unreliable partners?

In this article we will share some of our experience with you. Above all, we hope that it will help you. Whoever will you meet – CPA network, affiliate program, publisher, advertiser or an affiliate.

The online advertising industry is over 25 years old. However, there are still unreliable companies and just scammers.

First of all, pay attention to the details such as skype name, country where the person is from, avatar etc.

Historically, the concentration of fraud activists is concentrated in certain regions –

Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam.

Working with the Brazilian CPA networks and Vietnamese agencies in reality can be a burden. The approach “we have not been paid and will not be paid” is widespread. It doesn’t mean that all partners from India are waiting to scam you buy.

If this is a legal entity, and you have doubts about it, do not hesitate to ask the url of their website. If it looks complex and well organized, live profiles in social networks, employees have enough correct connections in linkedIn – this is definitely a good sign. Make sure that the contact you communicate with is really related to this site or company.

Explore all the details you can find on the Internet. Non matching aspects should be an alarming sign.

If you want to purchase traffic from new unknown sources do not hesitate to request a small free test. If you are aggressively offered to buy some kind of traffic, then the seller has the opportunity to show the goods. For the honest supplier, then it is not going to be a problem.

How to avoid becoming a victim of an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are often misleading regarding KPIs. Blurred KPIs that are almost impossible to verify. As a result, sweet CPA rates turn into despair at the end of the payment period.

Therefore, at the beginning of work with any new affiliate program, it is highly desirable to clarify all issues by email. If you sign insertion order, feel free to discuss terms and make clarifications. It is not always possible to change the conditions, but the CPA network you work with will understand that you have serious intentions.

Most CPA networks value their reputation. You can rely on the agreements that were voiced – including if it comes to litigation in forums, in the affiliate community. Always verify conversions, moreover, request confirmations of amounts payable. These simple rules apply to working with all type of partners.

Here are the basic steps to save you time and money.

In conclusion

We recommend the Telegram channel, where you can request information about a company. As well as share your own developments using the link:


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