8 May, 2020

How to set up a Postback

Natifico offers global and individual postbacks. Below we will analyze how to set up each of them.

Postback is a convenient option to transfer conversion data to another analytics system (for example, tracker). Tokens which can be used are conversions, time and date, city, user’s OS, etc. This information is crucial for the further campaign optimization. After setting the postback, all data is transferred automatically. You don’t need to check statistics in the affiliate account, all further analytics will be automatically transferred to  your system.

Postback for an offer

Open the offer you’ve chosen and scroll down to “Your Postback” section. In the field that opens, click “+ Add postback”. In an additional field you need to add your Postback URL. 

ATTENTION: In the URL field, specify the PostBack Url and don’t forget to replace the tokens with {ref_id} for clickid, {sum} for the conversion payout.

To create the Postback URL correctly, use the information below from “Postback information” section, where all macros are listed. Get acquainted with each parameter and its description, select the necessary marks and add to your Url.

After the link is created, add it to the “URL” field and save with clicking on the “Save” button.


After the Postback is installed, contact your account manager to do a test conversion and make sure that you are all set up correctly.

Global Postback

It is a universal Postback and it can be used for all your campaigns at the same time.

In the upper right corner of Natifico account, click on the your email and select “Profile” in the drop-down menu.

Then scroll till the “Global postbacks”.

Then repeat the steps for setting up the Postback from the first paragraph and don’t forget to save the link. 


To add the several Postback URLs, click “+ Add postback” again.


Natifico is already integrated with the several popular tracking platforms where everything is ready for your comfortable launch.


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine 

E-mail: nadine@natifico.com




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