27 August, 2020

Interview with the TOP 100 Affiliates of Natifico

It has been almost 2 years since Natifico started its journey in the world of Affiliate Marketing. We have faced some difficulties we had to overcome, and the main one is gaining trust of affiliates and acquiring them onboard our Affiliate Network. 

So we have made a small questionnaire and asked our top 100 affiliates about the criterias according to which they pick up an Affiliate Network to work with. 

Just think about it! What do you think matters the most? 

Below you can find this exciting little survey to read and hopefully guide for newbies in the Affiliate industry, who want to make some extra cash. 

P.S. We express our respect to every partner who took part in the questionnaire and for choosing Natifico as a trusted Affiliate Network. Together we are changing the world of affiliate marketing for the better!

  1. User Interface

That was an unexpected discovery. 46 affiliates have mentioned that if the interface is lagging or isnot user friendly and causing negative surfing experience they would prefer dealing with managers directly, requesting everything in excel tables and asking for tracking links through emails and messengers.

 Moreover they would go for some competing affiliate network, unless there are some really amazing offers. Otherwise they would sacrifice some % from the profit in exchange of smooth, time-saving working flow.

  1. Payment Terms

It is a very crucial factor, especially for beginners. Usually they don’t have that much of the money, otherwise they wouldn’t consider joining our field.

 Some of the affiliate networks tend to hold their payments up Net 60. That means that if you drive traffic from your website to the offer, or you purchase it from the ad network, let’s say, in June you will be paid at the end of September. 

Standard payment  terms are usually  Net 30. However for trusted partners, terms may vary. In Natifico, we pay net15 to the partners with traffic sources and quality records.

  1. Flexibility

58 affiliates have chosen this aspect. What does it mean exactly for our sphere? 

Well, basically when you are logging in to the affiliate network there is a certain amount of offers with certain payouts, KPI’s, instructions and payment terms. And if you reach trust in your relationship with the affiliate network all these terms are becoming discussable. 

Flexibility value is one of the core ones at Natifico, because we encourage transparency and flexibility with our partners.

  1. Affiliate manager

If you ask people who have been in the industry for a while, they will tell you that building relationships is what you must do in order to succeed. 

Throughout the years we have seen hundreds of examples where the main business asset was the relationship between account manager and the affiliate. We were not surprised when we counted 71 votes for this position. 

  1. Exclusive offers

Pretty obvious right? Having an exclusive deal with an advertiser, despite the vertical is what will make you most of the money! 

Driving traffic to the multiple rebrokered offers will lead you away from really big numbers. Choose your partners wisely, treat them with respect and learn from your (and not only) mistakes and you will go towards success with confident big steps.

Among other mentioned options were: Country of residence, Payouts, Covering verticals, Reputation, Tools and Creatives. 

Conclusion: before you start a work, pay attention to offers that the Affiliate Program can offer, especially exclusive, as well as the possibility of working with a personal manager. These are the key criteria that will scale your profit.




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