6 March, 2020

Monetize Mac Traffic

ROI 500% For A Week On MacClean Offer

* This post is a case from our affiliate who generously shared his experience with us, how to make 500% ROI on a new offer just for a week.

Case is valid for the offers below:

1715 FlashPlayer, Software, Mac, US

1849 FlashPlayerUP2, Software, Mac, US

1778 FlashPlayer, Software, Mac/Safari, US


Hey there. Case isn’t surprising anyone, but it’s hard not to share such results. Especially affiliates for those who start with a small budget. Everything is real!


Traffic source: CPC traffic of a private push platform

Offer: MacClean, Multi Geo

Test period: 13.02.20 − 19.02.20

GEO: focus on Tier 4 countries − ID, IN, MA, EG, TH, PH

Сosts: $60

Income: $358.80

Profit: $303.84

ROI: 500%


After a productive dialog with a personal manager, I started to work with Natifico with decision to test MacClean offer. The offer is simple, everyone heard about it and it is popular among ordinary users. Below is a preview of the offer.

I used my own creatives for campaigns (I’m not ready to demonstrate it now, because I’m using it yet). If you also decide to work with your own materials (I highly recommend), then first approve them with a personal manager, this is a must.

As a result, the launch of the campaign fell on February 13th. As can be seen from the screenshot below, the conversions have already started from the first day.

Starting from the second day, standard optimization by zones was done. Overall formula with creatives/offer/traffic did perform well and starting from the 18th, the results began to grow confidently.

Conversions from the first day and the absence of empty days became indicative, although we always must keep in mind that this will not work with every offer. It was just a perfect match this time.


According to the terms, the offer can only be started on push traffic. I was sure of my source, so I tested the latest offer. The results were always fine, but on this offer it worked out really well.

Below is a screenshot with a results of push platform where traffic was purchased. Here you can see how much has been spent, namely $ 60, and the total profit is $303.84 !! It is just for a Week!



Now, in addition to Tier4 countries, I also connected Tier3 and will soon start on Tier2 countries. After talking with colleagues, I noticed that many undeservedly ignore cheaper geo for such offers and seek to make money on more expensive ones. But according to the results, countries Tier 4-3 win. So feel free to start up and test seemingly ambiguous theories.


P.S. Natifico give increased payouts and individual conditions for affiliates with good performance. Therefore, contact your manager for such matters.


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