3 June, 2020

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7 TOP verticals in spring

UTILITIES и VPN are the legendary VPN offers for the whole world.

MOBILE is must have for smartphones: cleaners, casino, binary options, speed tests, apps with movie collections and much more!

PIN SUBMIT offers for operator traffic. Depending on the vertical, the user is prompted to do simple steps to get the desired result.

EXTENSION – useful browser extensions with a large coverage of countries.

eGAMING – the gamble was, is and will be!

SWEEPSTAKES – participation in popular raffles of valuable prizes. For example, the latest iPhone 11.

A lot of private offers. Ask your personal manager to get them all.

How to set up a Postback

GUIDE for a future PRO in an affiliate marketing!

In the article:

– what is it and how to set it up;
– the difference between the global postback and the individual postback for each offer;
– pre-integrated tracking platforms.

Let’s rock the profit boat together!

​​Creatives from the bottom of the heart!

Launching an ad campaign for a new GEO? Do it like a Pro.

Make sure that your fresh creatives comply with the all 3 rules below and catch the profit to your balance.

the text message should be clear to hit the target users.

What does it mean? Before launching the campaign, make a small research and explore the market. What language does the target users speak? Creative design and an attractive text message are powerless for a user who doesn’t understand what is written on it.

people images. Do you use real people in your creatives? Concentrate on positive characters that the user can associate with themselves.

For maximum effect we recommend to check what are trending creatives using services such as: SpyPush or AdPlexity.

newsbreak. A powerful tool to attract extra attention to the ad message. It works for any country if you choose something local and trendy.

Conclusion — research the market before launching your ad campaign and get maximum profit from a new GEO!


Happy Africa Day

Take your piece of cake! Affiliate with any level of knowledge and skills in a market can succeed. Africa is a сountry with a huge potential and less obsessive market. A real golden chance for your crazy profit.


Are you with us? Then take our recommendation!

Best offers with amazing CR. For you and your friends from Natifico:

ID 1802 — DownloadReady, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1591 — Content, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1589 — WhatsappUPD, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 1717 — Photos, PUSH, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2433 — GlamourSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile_ZA
ID 2434 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, ZA
ID 2435 — MainstreamSmartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE
ID 2436 — Glamour2Smartlink, PinSubmit, Mobile, KE

Rummy Casino

Bestseller eGaming offer by Natifico. 


▪️ OS – iOS / Android
▪️ GEO – IN
▪️ IDs in Natifico – 1817, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1830, 1831

Loved by our affiliates for moneymaking campaigns and attractive payouts!

Impressive results from one of our affiliates will inspire you: Profit $1009 on RUMMY CASINO, India + Android


Still have questions or need help, reach us:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Natifico Nadine

E-mail: nadine@natifico.com


See you in July!

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