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23 January, 2020

Popular myths: Annoying ads

Let’s take a closer look at advertising format as a popunder.

The victory of copyright holders over torrents and the active growth of the mobile application market sent this advertising format to a deep knockout.

However, it still continues to be popular among adult sites and sites with entertaining content.

The participants of this small market are confident in the stable status of a popunder, but there is something else which is well remembered, it is the other side of User Experience.

For comparison, 20% of Youtube’s streaming time is allocated for the demonstration of commercials.

Currently, Facebook and Google remain the monopolists of the advertising market. The highly dubious user-generated content on Youtube is reliably protected from claims by an entire army of Google lawyers across the globe. Although comparing the user experience of an adult visitor to Youtube and Pornhub (or Xhamster), the output is controversial.

And which of the media buyers didn’t experience the need to make a blacklists on tens of thousands of children’s YouTube channels where apparently prevails an underage audience?

Popunder is criticized because it is often displayed irrelevant and low-quality ads.

At the same time, no one officially blames this advertising format for the negative perception of its users. And Google’s strategy regarding the functionality of the browser is clearly aimed at completely removing the popunder as ad format.

Is it possible to assume that the main reason for implementing such strategies is the user experience, which implies the maximum consumption of advertising of Google’s own formats by users within the ecosystem of supposedly free products? Android operating system, Chrome browser, etc.?

Which of the publishers didn’t notice how the position of the site in the google search index changes after the installation of google ads advertising tags?

We must confirm and accept that information and advertising are closely intertwined.

Formats such as popunder will continue to exist, while there is a variety of websites, promotion channels in the internet.

New ad formats come along with new technologies, devices and ways to interact with them. Despite the controversy, the life cycle of the popunder is quite impressive.

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