3 October, 2020

Top 5 tips for running push ads

For this article we partnered with our friends and trusted traffic source Pushground to bring you some professional tips on running push ads. Push ads, for those that don’t know, are a relatively new performance marketing ad format offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly and highly-engaging way for advertisers to expand their reach. With years of experience as one of the leading push advertising networks, Pushground knows what it takes to create a profitable push ads campaign. So without further adu, their top 5 tips for running push ads.

Always be testing!

This goes for almost all marketing but for push ads no the less. The best way to test when running push ads is to use multiple ad creatives, we recommend at least 3-5. This allows you to run A/B test or split tests which should be at the core of every marketing campaign. Pushground makes it easier with their auto-optimization by creative which automatically sends more traffic to your best-performing creatives. This will also help your campaigns last longer because your ads won’t be burnt out as fast. Furthermore, you should always be testing different variations of ads, pre-landers, landing pages, and offers to find better and more profitable combinations.

Make sure your pages load fast

Make sure your landing pages load fast! It has been proven that 53% of mobile users leave a site if it takes longer and 3 seconds to load. This results in huge drops in performance for campaigns with slow landing pages. You can check to see how quickly your site loads quickly by using sites like gtmetrix or google’s page speed insights. Try to avoid shared hosting which can inhibit your actions to make your page quick as a click.

Focus on newer users | user freshness

After analyzing mountains of data, Pushground found that user freshness our user age (the time from when the users first subscribed to receive push notifications) was one of the key conversion factors in push ad campaigns. It stands to reason that someone is far more likely to click on the first push ad they see rather than after the 100th ad that the see. You will quickly see that the majority of your conversions are coming from the user freshness groups from within the first 7 days. This means that having the ability to target these groups would help you achieve more conversions with lower average CPAs. At pushground, they allow you to target 14 different users freshness groups and is the only ad network that allows you to target users within the first hour of signing up!

Use pre-landers

A pre-lander is a popup that appears before your landing page, usually with some interactive feature, to prep users for your landing page so they are more likely to convert. If you can, try and use pre-landers for all your campaigns. They can make a big difference in your overall performance and can sometimes be the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign.

Test with high bids and low budgets

The best way to test new push ad campaigns is to start with a above avg bid. If you start with a below avg bid, you will end up losing all the higher-quality traffic to the higher bidders and spend all your budget on the traffic that one else is bidding for, which generally is the case because the conversion rates and performance are worse. Starting with higher than avg bids and a low budget to limit your spending will help give you a more complete look at the traffic you are testing. A good way to know if your bid is competitive enough is if you have a winrate of at least 40%.

To learn more about Push ads and how to profit from them check out pushground’s complete guide to push ads in their blog.

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