9 January, 2020

Relationship factor in affiliate business?

Relationship is one of the most valuable aspect in the affiliate business.

The days are gone, when our industry was represented by just a few companies. Every day new players appear, and for example, the largest catalog of the advertising industry thalamus.co has more than 600,000 companies registered in the catalogue.

Millions of people around the world are getting engaged into affiliate marketing. At the same time, the once-famous CPA networks just shut down (such as Peerfly).

The affiliate marketing market is in constant motion. Schemes and products, advertising formats and promotion methods are developing non stop. Therefore, exchanging information, developing networking, gaining experience and building good relationships, will lead to extreme flexibility and skill to find solution for every case.

At the moment, being a closed entity regarded as a disadvantage for the business than a plus.

We recommend regularly attending theme events, conferences and summits. For example DMEXCO, WEBSUMMIT, AFFILIATE WORLD, PERFORMANCE MARKETING AWARDS. It is crucial to maintain keep relationships with the affiliate marketing world.
Develop trust with partners. Put the keyboard aside. Start the practice of talking on the phone and skype. In an open conversation, you can capture much more detail than in text messages.

Meet in person with market participants and partners.

Expand your social circle and business relationships. While traveling and on vacation you can always find time for a couple of new informal meetings with other affiliates or with agencies.

Work hard on your reputation, on the conditions to get the most out of your relationship with other market members.

Never cheat, but do not blindly trust your partners. Make friends first, not money. After all, a reputation has been built up over decades, and is lost as a result of one rash act.

At Natifico, we share these values. We recommend the same attitude to our partners. Remember that by following these simple guidelines, you will surely achieve success.

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