3 September, 2020

How to work with SMARTLINKS?

What are Smartlinks?

A Smartlink is a link by clicking on which, in a split second, for a user is selected the best creative and offer of the selected vertical, based on his main parameters:

In other words, at the time of the redirect, the system automatically determines key parameters of the user and, based on the data received, shows him the best offer, which is likely to be chosen by the user and he will make the target action. All it’s happening in real time, that is, for an ordinary user it will look like a normal click by the link.

Among Smatrlinks on the market, dating or leadgen Smartlinks are most popular. In Natifico we have added our unique experience of working with verticals such as: Utilities, Mobile Content, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Apps, Games, Software and others, that are not found in any other Affiliate Program.

EXAMPLE. User clicks on such a link from a mobile device, at this moment artificial intelligence, based on internal algorithms, selects the most relevant offer from the available offers and redirects the user to the AppStore or PlayMarket to download the application, taking into account the language used by the user. The user only has to click on the “Download” button, having performed the target action, which will bring profit to the affiliate.

The system itself determines where to direct the user: to the desktop version of the site, the application store or watch a video from his region, etc.

There are a lot of ways for executing a target action and algorithms for redirecting a user. At the same time, the system does all the work for you. The task of the affiliate is only to generate a traffic and then redirect it to the link.

What is the difference between a Smartlink and a Usual Offer?

Usual offers require preparation before launching a campaign: targeting an audience, setting an accurate target, using many separate links for each campaign and money for tests. 

Smatrlink is one universal link to which all traffic is directed, and then the system itself determines and selects an individual offer for each user.

How it works?

→ Affiliate selects a suitable Smartlink

→ Directs traffic to it

→ The system analyzes each user and offers the best offer for the targeted action

→ The partner makes a profit

In the “Offers” section at Natifico account, using the offer filter, you need to select a Smartlink.

Then copy the link to the offer, launch the campaign and evaluate the results.

All offers presented in Natifico are focused on CPI/CPL models, which provide fast monetization of traffic in a short time.

Advantages of Smartlinks

Smartlinks help the affiliate to achieve maximum conversion results thanks to the precise work of special scripts and algorithms in real time. You save time, money and not to test any hypotheses, while the Smartlink works for you.

Smartlink is attractive for beginner affiliates as there is no need for targeting and audience segmentation. And for professionals who can work with any GEO and traffic, the system will definitely find a suitable solution.


One Smartlink contains all the many years of affiliate experience and technical advantages that allow it to select personalized offers for any user in real time. 

You can send traffic using your prelanders, as well as send various residual traffic. After several months of advanced tests, the Natifico team can confidently assert that our affiliate network have one of the best Smartlink monetization solutions on the market.

While a Smartlink is running, you earn!


Contact us to learn more about all advantages of SmartLinks:

Telegram: @ok_nadine

Skype: Nadine Natifico

Email: nadine@natifico.com





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