16 March, 2020

Starter pack for affiliates?


Hello there! Glad to see you. In this article, we will describe how to quickly start working with Natifico and launch profitable campaigns with skyrocket ROI.

Read the article until the end and you will find not only the answers to popular questions, but also a surprise that we have prepared for you 😉


So, once you are logged in and you are on the start page which also a main Dashboard.



1 – In the upper right corner is the key information  –  your Balance, where in real time you can track your Profit. And if you click on the e-mail, a drop-down menu will appear with your “Profile”, where the key information on the account is indicated: personal information, Referral link, API-key and another. In addition, in the same menu you will find Referral Statistics.

2 – The Dashboard with the main navigation: “Statistics”, “Offers” with all available Natifico offers, “Toolbox” with API for experienced affiliates, “Payments” and “News”. Below we will dwell on some of the sections.

3 – TOP offers of Natifico. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to take the offers from this section into your work. We are constantly updating this key information for you.

4 – Where else can you find us? Our official pages on social networks. Subscribe, invite friends, feel free to share your experience and success with colleagues!

5 – The Holy Information is the contacts of your personal manager. Any questions? Doubts? do not hesitate, immediately write to your manager. For him, you are not just an affiliate, you are best friend! And these are not empty words.


Click on the “Offers” section and you will see all the active Natifico offers. For convenience, in the “Category” section (1) you can filter the offers with a specific vertical. A filter is also available with countries (2) and offers ID / name (3).

Offers highlighted in green have open access, these you can immediately use for a work. Offers highlighted in yellow for which an additional approve is required.

Click on the yellow “Request access” button and fill in the information about the traffic source, that you can plan to use and briefly describe your affiliate marketing experience in the opened field, screenshots confirming your background are welcome!! Then click on “Apply” and your request will be processed promptly.

How to launch a campaign

Choose the offer you need and read its detailed description (1): GEO, allowed targeting devices, traffic sources, offer preview and KPI.

Below you will find a link to the offer (2) for your advertising campaigns. Do not forget to specify the SubID parameters for it in the field below, since for most offers this is a prerequisite, plus this will help you easily carry out all further optimization. 

(3) If you use a tracker, you will need Postback. It is presented in the system of two types: standard it can be separate for each offer and global, which will work for all offers.

If you don’t know which vertical to start with, which offers and GEOs go the best and what traffic sources to use better, just write to your personal manager. So you save your valuable time. 


Congratulations! You have completed the young fighter course and now you are ready to make a good cash at Natifico. For inspiration, check out the fresh case of one of our partners, who just a week made 500% ROI from zero.

And for the most patient, we have prepared offers that are right now in the TOP in terms of indicators and bring excellent income to their owners:


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional affiliate marketer, with our offers you have no chance not  to make money. As a secret, we have a part of the offers that are currently in pre-moderation. Do you want to get them? Ping rather your manager. Time is money!


Telegram: https://telegram.im/@ellanatifico 

Skype: live:ella_3345 

E-mail: ella@natifico.com 


Good luck!


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