10 July, 2020

TRACKERS: How to integrate with Natifico

Tracker is a universal solution for traffic analysis and optimization: conversions, impressions, clicks and further scaling in a real time at one place. Detailed reports from all affiliate programs and traffic sources will no longer cause a panic that you need o login in to each platform and check accounts. 

By setting up an integration between affiliate programs and a tracker one can save a lot of time from routine work.

The main goal of any tracking platform is to provide a high-quality service that will facilitate the partner’s daily routine and help to achieve the best results in a short time.

Who are trackers helpful for?

First of all, for  those affiliate experts who work with many affiliate programs and traffic sources. But the variety of tracking platforms allows you to find convenient and functional solutions for the beginners too. Trackers with their similar basic opportunities help an affiliate to switch easily  between sources and connect to any additional functions, depending on the tasks and needs of the affiliate.


— analysis of all campaigns in one place: GEO, conversions, profitable cases, effective ad formats and only best rates;

quick optimization of campaigns based on a detailed statistic;

— scaling of profitable cases at one click;

— tools that cover almost any needs;

— one solution for an independent evaluation of traffic.

Differences between trackers

The market has about ten large and well-established tracking platforms with similar basic tools. The main differences between platforms:

To reach better results pay attention to the advantages of trackers. Don’t  forget to test a trial version.

With this article, we open a series of guides on how to  set up Natifico with popular tracking platforms. The first in a line is the Binom tracker, one of the best tracking solutions in the modern market. Welcome!

How to integrate Binom with Natifico

The good news is that the setup process only takes a few clicks. Excellent news use the Binom-Natifico template to launch a campaign in seconds.

Step-by-step how to find us at the Binom:


Sign in to your Binom account and select the “Aff.Networks” tab


Click on the “Create” button and in the open window, click on “Load from catalog



You will see the catalog of all affiliate programs integrated with Binom

For a quick search, use the search option


Click on the “Natifico” and a window with  settings will be opened in front of you:


You can save the settings or add “Advanced Settings” by filling in the fields below: “Postback IP whitelist” and “Status-payout relation”


When you finish, click on the “Save” button.


Next time when you add an offer simply select “Natifico” in the “Aff. Network” field and all the required parameters will automatically be filled.


If you aren’t using Binom already, use “NATIFICO” promo code for a registration and receive a month of free license and a 40% discount for the second month.




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