5 February, 2020

Understanding what you want to do

Understanding what you want to do

Once you have chosen your Destiny, you have to identify what is the budget of your project, in other words, how much money you are ready to spend, without any guarantee of profit. If you have only 100$, then it would be wiser to find some free traffic sources, or start generating your own by making a content.

If you have extremely limited budget and no understanding how to make money, the worst thing you can is buy traffic you don’t know anything about and drive it to the offer that has been told by someone without knowing how does it convert, which landers should be used, which targets are the most correct one etc. On the other hand, the wisest thing you can do is to find a job on the sphere in order to get some expertise, insights and knowledge how the whole machine operates. Can’t find a big company? Don’t be sad, there are plenty of affiliate teams doing really good money, and they always need hands and responsible, enthusiastic partners.

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