19 December, 2019

What are extensions and how do they work?

Briefly about the browser extension market

Internet Explorer, after the fifth release in 1999, was the first major Internet browser to support extensions. Firefox has supported extensions since its release since 2004. Opera began supporting extensions in 2009. And only by 2010 did Google Chrome and Safari offered their solutions. And Microsoft Edge even added support for extensions only in 2016.
At the beginning of 2020, the vast majority of extensions are crafted for Chrome. Despite the decline in the personal PC market, the niche still generates good revenues.

Why do users install extensions?

Almost all extensions provide additional functionality for the browser. For example: weather forecasts, file converter, wallpaper recommendations, films and music. As well as stock analytics and thematic news feeds.

The Natifico Affiliate Network works ONLY with certified web browser extension providers and trusted partners.

How it works?

Basically, the extensions we distribute monetize installations in two ways. The first option is banners in integrated into extension. That is, brand advertising of such large companies as: Booking.com, Walmart. And the second widely used way of monetization is the integration and replacement of a default search engine with ads from Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com.

In this case, the ordinary user does not experience any difficulties and can easily return to the default settings. And by the way, all the extensions with which we work are installed strictly through the Google marketplace.

Thus, the main advantage for the affiliate is that the user does not need and not forced to buy anything. At the same time, CPA installation rates range from 20 cents to almost $ 3.

The extensions work with all operating systems, any version of the Chrome browser. In addition, they do not create difficulties for promotion with any type of formats.

Extensions are available for work in a huge amount of countries. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to monetize the remnant desktop traffic of the Chrome browser.

And by the way, you can advertise extensions through Google Ads !!

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